TMV-A-X: Autonomous Terrestrial Monitoring

The TMV-A-X is the autonomous version of the TMV-X. The technical specifications are the same, but in addition to the tele-operated mode, the TMV-A-X can perform a number of operations autonomously.

Autonomous Navigation

The key capability for autonomous operations of a mobile vehicle is the ability to perform autonomous navigation. The Software behind the TMV-A-X fuses a number of different sensors like GPS and the AHRS to get a position and orientation of the system. A controller is then able to follow waypoints and trajectories that have been defined in the mission scenario. In addition, the 3D sensors are used to actively avoid any obstacles in the vicinity of the TMV-A-X.

Mission Scenarios

A number of different mission scenarios are possible using the autonomous capabilities of the system. The TMV-A-X can for example be used to perform coverage of a pre-defined area. A number of different mission operations can be applied in this case. One possibility is for the system to record measurements on its way, and present them in a geo-referenced way for further processing off-line. The system can also continuously patrol a defined area and take immediate action in the case of the detection of an anomaly.

Another option is to use the TMV-A-X to explore unknown terrain, and obtain a map of the surrounding for further analysis. These maps can for example be used in later mission planning steps.